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SWF 16 or Holidaying Abroad

When we arrived in Singapore, it was night time. We took the MRT from Changi to our hotel and walked the short distance to our hotel, checked in and collapsed. (It had been a very long day) With only a 90 minute time zone change, I was awake a little earlier than usual. This is the view from our hotel room window:

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Digital Pond

We found this amazing piece of technology at the Science Centre in Singapore. I don’t really get how this works, but what I do know is this:
This “pond” is projected onto a screen from above. (You can see this when the arm passes over the screen – it is then projected onto his arm).
You don’t actually touch the screen, your shadow “interacts” with the pond. So whatever you do with your shadow becomes part of the “movie” that is being projected. You can make ripples by “poking” at it. You can make a whirlpool by drawing a circle, and the fish will move out the way if you just move your hand slowly through the water or try to catch them. Cool!!