SWF 4-3 The end of the day


Skywatch is a weekly meme dedicated to viewing skies around the world. To visit other SkyWatch Friday blogs, click here.

The fishing was crappy.

The weather was hot.

One kid had lost his shoe overboard.

The other kid lost her rig and about 20 metres of line under the jetty.

Then there was sunset. The light at the end of the tunnel.



7 responses to “SWF 4-3 The end of the day

  1. Ah, what we all look for after a crappy day! Terrific capture! I love it! Hopefully this weekend will be better – – at least fishing wise!


  2. What a day! But the end was beautiful.

  3. Beautiful sky shots!

    My Skywatch, have a safe and fun weekend.

  4. Beautiful sunset that signifies that all this will pass.

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  6. The lovely sunset…gorgeous shot!


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