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Remember the day it rained?

SkyWatch Friday 28

It’s so weird that my children are scared of rain. I’m not talking about the misty light drizzle that makes your hair go all springy. But real rain. When it rains heavy, they run and shout and hide, begging us to come in out of the rain because you could DIE out there!!!

In their lifetimes (they are 7 & 10) they can only recall a few really wet days. I seem to remember winters stuck inside for days at a time. I remember walking to school in the rain. In primary school I owned a raincoat! We had coat racks in the entrance to our classrooms to hang them on. When I started highschool, I remember huddling under the bus shelter with the other kids I caught the bus with. I remember standing under verandahs with other students between classes, all jostling for a position. Then someone would make a break for it and like lemmings we would all follow with our bags over our heads to try and stay dry. My children have never worn a raincoat to school. There are no coat racks in their class rooms. They have umbrellas – but it takes us so long to find them because it’s been so long since they were last used – and I have since learned that if you wait 5 minutes, the rain will stop. They hardly ever get wet. So we sometimes have conversations that start with “Remember that day when it rained and we…..”

It didn’t rain much this day last August. Just enough to make the ground slippery for the footy players. (You can just see the football in one of the pictures). But that light drizzly rain does make for good rainbows.





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Lets Go Fly a Kite


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SkyWatch Friday 26

It was a really nice day today, not a cloud in the sky. Not too hot. Not too cold. A gusty southerly bringing cool air to the summer sun.

The kids wanted to try out the kites that Santa delivered them this Christmas, so I thought, why not? I got to sit under a tree while the kids did all the work. Here are the results:


Of course, there was the  occasional tangle to fix, but even that can be pretty relaxing on such a nice day.