My World – Tumby Bay pt 1

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This is Tumby Bay. I love Tumby Bay so much that I might just have to spend two entries on it. This photo is my first attempt at joining up several shots to create a panorama.

Tumby is about 50km north of Port Lincoln. It’s still small enough to have that country town ambience, but it’s only a short drive to a major city – if that’s what you need.

We spotted this horse and cart wandering around the streets.

The Tumby Bay cemetary is like those of many country towns. And the history of the town is written in the headstones. The names, the ages, the dates….

 Just off the coast is the Sir Joseph Banks group of  islands. The entire group is a marine conservation park. You can find Australian Sea Lions, Cape Barren Geese, Dolphins and a huge variety of birdlife. 

 Back home again to check out the weather. Its hot. There is nothing more I can add to that. We are about to enter heatwave conditions – officially thats more that 5 days in a row over 35C. It has now been over 30C  forever. I didn’t take todays photo until 6pm when the temperature had dropped to 36C. The forecast for tomorrow (Tuesday) is 42, 43C for Wednesday and Thursday, 41C for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then only 38C for next Monday. I might have shrivelled up by then. 

Monday 26th Jan. Max Temp: 38C, Min Temp: 17C, Rainfall: 0mm, Days since rain: 44


10 responses to “My World – Tumby Bay pt 1

  1. It looks like a wonderful place! I doubt many people in the northern hemisphere are pitying your heat much right now, though. I’m not and I’m not even where it’s REALLY cold!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. But I see the temperature is 38° That is very, very warm!

  3. What a charming little town and so close to the big city, a perfect quick get away from the hustle of the big city.

    Great post.

  4. Looks like an interesting place. I like the photo of the horse and cart. And I, too, love to visit cemeteries to see the history of a locale.

  5. Ah, cant wait for summer, great shots and I bet an enjoyable time by all.

  6. I can;t wait for summer here, but I understand it must be no fun not to have any rainfall. Nice little part of the world you have,

  7. Love to see different places of Australia. The Norfolk Island trees let me remember Yamba Northern NSW. Great pictures.

  8. Sorry, I forgot mine is on “This and That.

  9. How interesting!

  10. Informative Post..Tumby Bay is home to some wonderful old pubs including the Sea Breeze Hotel which opened in 1907 and the Tumby Bay Hotel which dates from 1904.

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