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First Day Back all wrapped up.

Yesterday was the first day back at school for my my kids. H10 couldn’t wait to get back and gossip with her “BFF’s” and drool over the “hot” new teacher… (What on earth is she going to be like when she’s 15??!?!?! – A conversation amongst her friends already sounds like an episode from The Hills). C7 was a little apprehensive – he has had some bullying issues in the past, but he was excited all the same.

Our school doesn’t send the books home until the first day and they have to be back the next day, so the first night is always spent covering and naming everything. I know you might all think that I am crazy, but I love covering school books. I love using Self Adhesive Book Cover (from now on known as Contact). I love the cutting and the trimming and the folding….. During the holidays I bought about 15 metres of fancy picture contact and another 15 metres of clear contact (yeah I know – but you can never have enough contact). So you probably won’t understand my disappointment when C7 came home with only 3 books to cover. They are making their own paper covers and then just slipping on these plastic sleeve thingies. What kind of a school are they running!!

H10 on the other hand delighted me with 16 books to cover, so she made me very happy. I only got to use 1 metre of the pretty stuff though, because she decided to go with posters of High School Musical and Hannah Montana with clear contact. So I have about 25 meteres of contact left along with about 10 metres from last year (did I say that you can’t have enough contact?) Do you think I could make a living covering books – I promise a wrinkle free, air bubble free service. I know. It’s a talent.