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Eggs-citing News!!

Well you might not think so, but it was for us. One of our chooks, (we think it was Harriett) laid an egg!!! Still warm when H9 found it in the roosting box. Chooks were praised and photos were taken.

Then I cooked the egg and ACW had it for tea. It is just an egg, you know. And with some luck, there will be at least one more tomorrow.


Chooks r Us

It would appear that I haven’t written in a while. Time kind of snuck up on me and all of a sudden it’s been years months since I’ve posted. I’m sorry if you’ve missed me. I have so many posts in my head (now that’s an image!) that I’ll just have to write them posthumously. So over the next few weeks, some of my posts will be in the extreme past tense – but you’ll just have to live with that.

On to more recent news – we’ve got chooks! 3 Isabrown chooks to be precise. We’ve actually owned them for a couple of weeks now, but MrGnome only finished building their accomodations (based on this model) today, so they’ve been “on agistment” at a friends farm. The kids have named them Harriett, Charlie and Peggy. (And yes, I can tell them apart – because I’m a good chook mummy). They are only about 16 weeks old, so we’re not expecting eggs for a while – but they’ll be good kitchen scrap recyclers in the mean time.

Charlie, Harriet and Peggy
From L-R: Charlie, Harriet and Peggy

I’m quite surprised at how placid they are. Peggy was slightly more vocal about being handled than the other two, but she didn’t put up any resistance. We’ll give them a week or so in their new home and then we might let them out for a scratch in the rest of the garden. Somewhere in that time, I’ll need to get up the courage to clip their wings. I know it’s for their own good, but I’m always a bit nervous that I’ll get it wrong and that I will hurt them. Hmmm, wonder if they’ll be happy to come to me once I’ve given them the snip?