SWF 16 or Holidaying Abroad

When we arrived in Singapore, it was night time. We took the MRT from Changi to our hotel and walked the short distance to our hotel, checked in and collapsed. (It had been a very long day) With only a 90 minute time zone change, I was awake a little earlier than usual. This is the view from our hotel room window:

You can catch more Skywatch photos from all over the world here.

7 responses to “SWF 16 or Holidaying Abroad

  1. How pretty – looks so neat and clean! From this vantage point you can imagine only the best, right? Happy travels!

  2. great photo. Have a great SWF

  3. A very nice view. I like the purple cloud sneaking into the photo!

  4. this looks very cosmopolitan! & pretty too!

  5. Very nice urban shot! Love the colours.

  6. nice view of the city! that must be one realy high hotel.

    can’t wait to see your panos!

  7. Great shot of the city at night. I love the lavender in the sky.

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