SWF 3 – 46 Nine Photos in Nine Minutes


Skywatch is a weekly meme dedicated to viewing skies around the world. To visit other SkyWatch Friday blogs, click here.

Even though I was in the car, I could feel the air changing. Thicker, heavier. Tasting of tin. Ahead there was a ridge of cloud, thicker than the rest. A feeling that a storm was coming, but yet the sun was bright.



The further I drove, I could see a thunderhead rising behind the cloud ridge. The sun getting lower in the sky was casting eerie shadows across the road.



The temperature was dropping quickly. There was an uneasiness in the air. The sun was setting rapidly behind me, reflecting off the rising cloud in a blinding glare



I had travelled just over 20km. The feeling of uneasiness, carried on the electricity in the air, intensified.


It was now very dark. The occasional lightning flask was now visible – the crackles coming through on the radio.


Then it started. Huge drops falling from the sky. The sky turned black, the water rushed across the road. I pulled over, a passing truck covering my car with red mud.


It didn’t last long, maybe 10 minutes. But in that 10 minutes, 70mm (1.5”) of rain fell. By the time I got home (another 20km up the road), the road was completely dry. Not a drop of rain had fallen all day.


8 responses to “SWF 3 – 46 Nine Photos in Nine Minutes

  1. beautiful series of sky shots! i love those cloud formations! great captures

    happy swf

  2. Wonderful clouds! Sounds like the storms we used to get when I lived in Darwin.

  3. Great collection of shots.

  4. These are stunning shots. I can feel the storm coming looking at them. It’s so odd how localized a storm can be. I’ve had rain when a friend a few miles away didn’t get any.

    I love your breast feeding post below. It was 25 years ago when I breast fed but I can relate so well to how silly it is to target woman feeding their children while grocery stores can have magazines with pictures like the ones you showed sitting out in the open.

  5. GT: Certainly a neat trip to the stormy skies.

  6. That is a dramatic series! Well captured!


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