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Dry and Dusty

We are home from our week in the Flinders Ranges. It really is an amazing place full of HISTORY. Check out my photos on flickr and you will see the human history as well as the geological history – rocks that are over 600 million years old.


Brachina Gorge

But most of all, what struck me the most was how dry it was. The water level in the underground Aroona Spring in Brachina Gorge is so low that water can no longer be drawn from the spring.

You've ruined it 01

I walked around the abandoned town of Beltana, with the humidity below 10% and the temperature above 40C. The sweat didn’t pour out of me, it was being sucked out of me. Even the air is desperate for some moisture.

Beltana  Smith of Dunesk mission

We walked up a few creek beds. Creeks that in summers of my past had water at least trickling through them. We found a few stagnant pools, but mostly we found a jigsaw of cracked dried silt and in some cases plate sized circles of salt crystals growing on the rocks.

Eregunda Comet 03

I hope it rains soon


My World – Port Lincoln

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Continuing down the coast road from Tumby Bay, we come to what is probably  South Australia’s most famous regional city. Port Lincoln is the southern most city on Eyre Peninsula.  Boston Bay is deeper and bigger than Sydney Harbour. Australias Blue Fin Tuna boats call Port Lincoln home. 

But its not all just fish and farming. Well maybe it is. When we lived in Port Lincoln, we used to walk around to Kirton Point to watch dolphins play, but alas, there weren’t any there the day we visited. Just interesting rock formations.

It’s over. The heatwave that is. We had 14 days in a row of temperatures over 40C (105F). A cool change came in at about 8pm on Saturday night and by Sunday morning, we had to drag out the long sleeves. It’s hard to believe that on Saturday the temp reached 44C and on sunday it didn’t even get to 23C. The cooler weather didn’t bring any rain, which we’re kind of used to now, but I really wish/pray that Victoria (yes the entire state) gets some cool weather and rain soon. As I write this, the whole state is alight. The death toll is over 130 and it is expected to top 200. Even though I live over 1000km from Victoria, I haven’t met anyone today that doesn’t know someone affected by the fire. Whole towns have been razed to the ground. I don’t have the words to describe what is happening over there, so if you want to know more, I suggest that you check out www.abc.net.au/news/events/bushfires/ 

And pray.

Monday 9th Feb. Max Temp: 24C, Min Temp: 15C, Rainfall: Omm, Days since rain: 58