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Ahhhh, the time warp that is “Holidays”

We’re on holidays, so I have no need for such man made contrivances as a calendar. So when I posted this, I was a little confused. The walk down the beach thingy was MONDAY. Just thought I’d clear that up.

TUESDAY was the day that we went to what is know locally as Surfers Beach. I had an assignment to write, but rather than take the computer down a limestone cliff and onto a beach, I took a good old fashioned pencil and notepad. Surfers has a beautiful cave at one end, so I set up my office in there with this view:

surfers beach

and this view:surfers 

Nice, huh?

While I was writing, ACW took the kids Boogie Boarding – which they loved:

Big wave coming!

RSCN7147 RSCN7148 


And then, just because we could, we buried C7 up to his neck in sand.


Oh, and the dog learnt that he can’t breathe underwater. Poor thing. Salt water up the delicate nose of a beagle = OUCH!


Our holiday continues

On Friday, we hopped on the bus and headed to Seaworld. Despite being closer to our resort, the bus ride was longer than the ride out to Movieworld. It just kept going round in circles! We still arrived before opening time and so we crossed the road to find a quick geocache.

Since we had already bought our tickets, we were able to avoid the huge queues and head right on through. We had already decided (but not told the kids) that we’d let them do the dolphin experience thing if there were still places available. We were fortunate enough to get them bookind in on the 2pm session. H10 is a dolphin fanatic so she was especially thrilled when she found out.

We spent the morning checking out the exhibits. C7 (still emotionally traumatised by the rides at movieworld) insisted that we go to the Sesame Street Beach rides. H10 was still really good and went with him on some of the rides – and was unable to hide her enthusiasm:

We managed to bribe the kids onto the viking log ride. C7 seemed to cope with this one, so we headed for the Bermuda Triangle ride. C7 suitably freaked out in the dark, and I got suitably soaked. When we went on this ride 15 years ago, you went through a wall of fire at the end – no fire this time.

A new exhibit since last time was Ray Reef. It was cool getting to feed and touch the different types of stingray.

A quick lunch and then back to the check in centre to get the kids swimmers. Even though they had their own, you need to wear the swimmers supplied so that the water isn’t contaminated. We headed down to the change rooms in the resort section of Seaworld by cable car. It was a great way to view the whole complex – which had grown considerably since our last visit.  While waiting for the dolphin handlers, we spotted what appeared to be a mermaid in the water – sure enough it was!! (Bet Cynicaldad is jealous). Then she got out of the water and two “handlers” helped her remove her tail. They were just filming some underwater scenes for the Disney TV series H20 – Just Add Water. H10 was suitable impressed though – it’s one of her favourite shows!

The dolphin experience was great for the kids. There was a slight misunderstanding when the handler asked C7 to throw the ball for the dolphin and he threw it AT the dolphin – but hey – he got a second go and got it right the second time.  (Not shown in photo – butt crack of a handler / surfer dude who really needs to know how to pull up his shorts – especially when you have a hairy bum)


We went back to the resort change rooms to get changed again and decided to stay there for the rest of the day. The kids had great fun in the pool while I schlepped all the bags around. Then they opened the giant water slide and the race was on. I sat at the bottom waiting for hours over 45 minutes waiting for them to come down, taking photos of complete strangers. Eventually they came down, H10 first , then c7 with all the screams of delight they could muster. C7 hadn’t even gotten out of the water before he was running around screaming “Awesome!!! I’m doing that again!!!”

ACW’s landing wasn’t quite so graceful:

Soon they were off to the top again – running this time. After their second run, the ride was closed so we headed over to the rubber raft ride thingy.

I hung around the bottom of the ride again taking more photos of complete strangers. This ride got a definite thumbs up with both kids declaring it Best. Ride. Ever. Despite the45 minute wait at the top. C7 might be a sook in the dark but he is fearless around water.


 ACW used his charm on the lady in the donut shop and we got free donuts at the end of the day. It was already getting dark (have I mentioned that Queensland doesn’t have daylight saving) so we headed for the bus and made our way home. Thank goodness tomorrow would be a “rest day”