Surf School Day 2

Day 2 was even warmer than day 1, so we were pretty happy to be heading to the beach. After a quick bit of instruction on how to read rips etc and the obligatory repeating of the phrase “when caught in a rip, swim parallel to the beach” the group was back in the water, this time with the instruction to try a turn or two. C7 had also brought his boogie board along to use as he was determined to NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER surf again. Towards the end of the lesson he had a short paddle on one of the boards and even managed to stand up on a little wave (with some help from Mum), so maybe he’ll have another go next year.

This is the (very) edited version. I have a much better 6 minute version of bloopers set to Wipeout and the theme from Hawaii 5-0, but being almost 100Mb – it might just blow up a server or two. I’ll see if I can upload it later.

Learning to surf was a lot of fun, so now we have a new activity every summer – and perhaps one day, H11 will experience the endless summer.

We rounded off the day with a late lunch of Fish and Chips on the Streaky Bay foreshore before heading back to the beach-house for some rest!


2 responses to “Surf School Day 2

  1. have you seen the awesome Monty Pythonesque ‘when caught in a rip, swim parallel to the beach’ ad? Cracked us up here.

  2. thismechanican

    I can’t remember if it was on Imparja or Central 7, but it whichever one it was played it at nearly every ad break, which is why all the kids were able to stand there like little robots and recite ‘when caught in a rip, swim parallel to the beach’. As far as brainwashing goes – it worked. Why couldn’t it say ‘when feeling bored in the holidays, go clean your room’.

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