Ahhhh, the time warp that is “Holidays”

We’re on holidays, so I have no need for such man made contrivances as a calendar. So when I posted this, I was a little confused. The walk down the beach thingy was MONDAY. Just thought I’d clear that up.

TUESDAY was the day that we went to what is know locally as Surfers Beach. I had an assignment to write, but rather than take the computer down a limestone cliff and onto a beach, I took a good old fashioned pencil and notepad. Surfers has a beautiful cave at one end, so I set up my office in there with this view:

surfers beach

and this view:surfers 

Nice, huh?

While I was writing, ACW took the kids Boogie Boarding – which they loved:

Big wave coming!

RSCN7147 RSCN7148 


And then, just because we could, we buried C7 up to his neck in sand.


Oh, and the dog learnt that he can’t breathe underwater. Poor thing. Salt water up the delicate nose of a beagle = OUCH!

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