And another thing…

Why is it that various jam companies (predominantly IXL) have stopped putting jam in re-usable glasses instead of screw top jars? My collection of heavy based good sized drinking glasses is dwindling and I would like to top it up, but can I find jam in glasses? No. Why should I pay for perfectly good glasses when they come free with a jar of raspberry jam?

2 responses to “And another thing…

  1. I remember those!

    We are not jam eaters here (very rare) so I don’t even have one, but my Mum has tons!

  2. I agree!! My prerequisite for buying ham was for it to be in a glass, that I could reuse. Cant find them anywhere now – have resorted to buying “Select” brand nutella – which is only smaller size glasses, but usable all the same! Yes, you can recycle the glass – but isnt reusing it the better option!

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