The Windmills of My Laundry

For your listening pleasure:

 So after a week away from home (and a good shot of retail therapy buying an entire winter wardrobe for the kidlets) I have a LOT of washing to do. I have this insane idea that clothes must be washed before wearing. I know that there are no insect larva breeding in my unwashed underwear, but I have to wash them anyway.

So I want to wash these clothes, (plus the clothes that I wore over the last week) but I can’t, because the washer has wet clothes in it.

I want to hang out these clothes, but I can’t, because the line under the verandah is full and it’s RAINING so I can’t use the normal clothes line.

I want to bring in the clothes off the line, but I can’t, because the clean clothes baskets are full of clothes that I washed before C7 got sick and didn’t have time to put away.

I want to put those clothes away, but I can’t, because we have had a sudden change in weather from summer to winter overnight and I need to get the cold weather gear out of storage (and sort through it) and put it in the wardrobes and the hot weather gear needs to be stored / given away / chucked out.

So, I need to sort the old clothes, but I can’t, because… well because… because…  damn. Can’t find a reason. Stupid brain. Thinks it’s so smart. Can’t even think of a reason to not do stupid laundry.


But if someone would tell me why in draft mode the picture spins round doing weird stuff to your eyes, but in my actual blog it doesn’t, I would appreciate it.


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