So, we’ve been allowed out of hospital, but have to remain in town for another 24 at least before we can go home.  A combination of paracetamol, ibuprofen and prednisolone has been used to control his pain and C7 now has enough energy to fight with his sister! We start weaning him off the prenisolone today and he should be off it in 10 days. I can also start weaning the pain meds tomorrow.  ACW was here for the weekend and has now gone home, but H10 has stayed behind so that has added extra entertainment to my schedule.

Myself, I am going nuts! I normally quite enjoy sitting around with nothing to do, but that’s okay if you don’t have whiny kids around to spoil it for you. They have control of the playstation, the pay TV and I am on very limited internet (no games 😦 ). I have The Sims installed on my computer, but I don’t dare play lest one of them finds out and they hijack the puter too! I have nearly finished my Sudoku puzzle book  (they aren’t interested in anything that requires paper and pencil!) and if C7 is up to it, I will go shopping this afternoon. Have credit card, will shop!

2 responses to “Freedom

  1. Hugs and prayers, N!!!

  2. Hugs and prayers from me too. What a frightening time you have been having!

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