And here I sit

In my old workplace. The sounds, the smells, the sights. So familiar.  Even some of the staff are the same. They see me in the corridor and say a casual hi, as if I’d never been away. It’s been over 10 years since I worked here.

But I am not working. I’m not here for a walk down memory lane. I’m watching over C7 who is finally asleep. We are 150km from home. We are in the hospital.  His need for sleep has finally overtaken the pain. The pain that is becoming more difficult to manage. Just when we are on top of it, it gets worse.

When he was diagnosed with Henoch Schonlein Purpura 6 days ago, I spent hours with my medical textbooks and google. They said there would be “joint pain”.They didn’t say that the pain would be so extreme so that the gentlest stroke would send him into terrifying shrieks. They said there could be renal failure. Hopefully we have pumped him full of enough steroids to avoid that after showing early signs.

He won’t eat, not even icecream. He won’t drink, not even lemonade. He lies still, too afraid to move. His one joy, the Starlight fun centre. We have worked out how to position it just right so that he can limit his movement.

No-one can tell me how long I will be here. So here I sit. In a room at the end of the long corridor. With windows that don’t open and doors that have to remain shut “for security”. I splurged on a prepaid broadband modem thingimajig to stay in contact with the world. ACW will just have to live with that.


One response to “And here I sit

  1. That sounds pretty scary. (((HUGS))) and prayers that C recovers quickly. It’s so hard watching our children ill and feeling so helpless about it all.

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