Hot Very Cross Buns

Why is it so hard to buy “traditional” hot cross buns?

No I do not want fruitless buns. I don’t want chocolate chip , thankyou. And I certainly don’t want that new abomination called coffee mocha.

 I want my Easter buns to have raisins and currants and maybe even some mixed peel. They should be flavoured with cinnamon, and perhaps some other spice that I have been unable to determine. ?nutmeg?

I tend not to buy easter eggs or hot cross buns too far ahead of Easter. Easter products have been on the shelf since January in some places. Can’t they at least wait for Lent? As far as I know, the kidlets haven’t had any easter eggs (yet). They will find them hidden about the yard on Sunday morning following the visit from the easter bunneh.

And we will have hot cross buns for breakfast on Good Friday…. provided I can find some…. and if I’m not too cross….

And just in case you care, I have a poll over there in the widget column where you can tell me your favourite type of easter bun. Because I care.

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