Salma Hayek – You Rock!!

So Salma Hayek is in Sierra Leone on a UNICEF mission, she sees a starving baby and she feeds it. A few hours earlier, she had sat by a baby’s cot and watched it DIE. From tetanus. A horrible and painful way to die. This baby was fortunate enough to be sedated and in minimal pain. Wanting to help another baby came naturally to her. There is so little she could do personally. I don’t understand why people are so offended by her act of love and compassion. A small act, feeding just one child. But as Paul Kelly says, “From little things, big things grow” .

In a nation where clean water to mix formula with is almost impossible to obtain, and the formula costs a fortune, a baby’s only hope of survival is to be breastfed. So if some poor African woman who is being fed propaganda that in the west (where the babies are healthy) they are all bottlefed, what a wonderful thing for her to see – a western woman breastfeeding, saying loudly and proudly that breastfeeding is best for your baby.

Salma Hayek – you rock!!!

WARNING:  This video contains both the beautiful images of Salma breastfeeding a baby and the heartbreaking image of a one week old baby dying from tetanus. Please take the time to watch. (it is 8 minutes long).


4 responses to “Salma Hayek – You Rock!!

  1. Great video. She DOES rock!

  2. what an inspiring way to start anyday

  3. Good on her! (Not that I knew anything about her before this; I never remember actors’ names!)

  4. Thank you for posting this, it is beautiful. I own a little P&G stock, this makes me glad I do.

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