I need to get a Life

I know this because small things are annoying me.

I am trying to educate you here. The next time you walk into a roadhouse / truckstop, trendy travelmug in hand, please be polite. Don’t just drop your mug on the counter and say “I’d like a coffee” . Please would be nice. And when she says “Certainly. How would you like that?”, don’t look at her as if she’s just asked you to explain how quantum physics works (but if you can, please do, because she’d really like to know). All she wants to know is Black or White. How many sugars. SHE IS NOT PSYCHIC, PEOPLE!! It’s not a difficult question. Amazingly, some people start telling the poor girl how to actually MAKE THE COFFEE. She doesn’t need to be told “Ummmm, well, you put 1 teaspoon of coffee in the cup and then add some water…..” She isn’t stupid. (Did I mention that she’s trying to understand quantum physics? And also string theory – what’s that about?)

So the correct procedure for obtaining coffee from the poor, hardworking, minimum wage girl at the truckstop is to say “Hi! I’d like a coffee, please. White with one, thanks” and then she won’t spit in your cup. She might even wash it out for you.  

Rant over.

2 responses to “I need to get a Life

  1. Wow will and always have been apprititative of the person who can make me a good cup of coffee…also they should be counting themselves very lucky they didn’t get the nice lady’s lil sister…

  2. Some people are amazingly rude!

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