My World – Redneck for a Day

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Monster Trucks came to town (or at least a town near me) last weekend.  So ACW and I packed up the kidlets and took them for a Night Of Destruction. Does that make me a redneck? There was certainly more than a few mullet haircuts about the place…. but it was a fun night out and the boy child who is Monster Truck MAD had the time of his life. The biggies of Australian monster truckin were there….

Scooby Doo…..


Pacific Rift…

 Outback Thunda 2…

and Outback Thunda 1…

Monster Patrol from the USA graced us with his presence….

The weather has been getting warmer again this week. Coolest day was 22C and hottest was 36C (just over 100F).  Technically we had rain. It wasn’t really rain. It was precipitation of a sort, and the rain guages that are 4foot off the ground measured just under 1/100th of an inch on Friday, but I’m not counting it because it evaporated as it hit the ground. If the ground doesn’t get wet, it’s not rain. 


Monday 23rd Feb. Max Temp: 32C, Min Temp: 17C,
Rainfall: Omm, Days since rain: 72

7 responses to “My World – Redneck for a Day

  1. That’s wild! Hope you all had a great time! And thanks for sharing! Great photos!

  2. Wow that’s really a monster. You must have a field day taking lots of those monster trucks. They really looked so pretty.

  3. Those are some BIG ole trucks!!

  4. I dont know if Batman is a redneck but that is an ubercool black monster truck. The wings are a great finishing touch.

  5. The Moster Trucks are in OKC this week I think, those are huge!

  6. I featured them a few weeks back, nice to see you have different photos from mine. Nice post, and I like the use of your children for scale.

  7. These are awesome and so weird. Fascinating narrative. Really whetted my appetite for this scene and will definitely be googling this.

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