My World – Don’t laugh. It’s a real place.

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This post is dedicated to my awesome babe Kel who needs some serious cheering up after the bushfires and suffering from the Marburg virus and all.

In southern Eyre Peninsula is a tiny little town where I have a few distant rellies. It’s only real claim to fame is that John Fitzgerald grew up there.

It’s called Cockaleechie. Don’t laugh. It’s not an unfortunate dose of crotch rot. Its a town that doesn’t really exist anymore. There is a town hall:

The remains of the post office:

And the remains of the tennis courts where Fitzy used to play tennis (and thrash everyone else):

 Todays weather pic is taken from a slightly different angle to show more of the sky. The haze in the sky is from the Victorian fires. This is significant when you realise that I live over 1000km (600miles) from the nearest fire.

The weather this last week has been exceptionally pleasant. High 20’s, Low 30’s. Gentle breeze. This is great summer weather. I just know it won’t last.

Monday 16th Feb. Max Temp: 33C, Min Temp: 15C,
Rainfall: Omm, Days since rain: 65

16 responses to “My World – Don’t laugh. It’s a real place.

  1. What a crazy ghost town. Nothing, nobody, is forever. Beautiful place, though.

  2. Now that’s amazing you can see smoke that far away!

  3. I always love your commentary as much as your photos! I do hope the fires are over. Glad you are safe. Great shots and thanks for sharing! Have a great week!

  4. What happened to Cockaleechie? Nice shots of what’s left there.
    Glad to hear you’re far away from the fires. Smoke makes colorful sunsets.

  5. wow – you can see the smoke from there…

    I’m loving your blog!

  6. Ghost towns are interesting, aren’t they? There always seems to be a story lurking just beneath the surface.

  7. Well that’s interesting! I am sorry to see the smoke in the distance of the bush fires. How sad that so much is destroyed and so many people are killed. There isn’t a day that I don’t think of it.Even the people in New Zealand could see the smoke of the bushfires.
    You wrote in your comment that you could make those sand bottles at school! Wow, that’s clever! It’s beautiful how it’s done.
    Have a great week!

  8. GT: What a neat view of this historic town.
    BTW: I never start fishing until the middle of April when the water warms up for being on the boat.

  9. What happened to the town?
    I’m amazed that you can see the smoke from such a distance. My heart goes out to your country!

  10. We have a soup by the same name in England!!LOL

    That haze is unreal considering the distance you are from them, so very sad.

  11. What happened to this poor sad little town?? what was its tragic fate?? There are many ghost towns in Mexico…some coming back to life like Real de catorce with artistic renewal..

  12. Doncha love the weird town names in Australia?

    Like Kerang in Vic where there was a huge car crash.

    I especially love Indented head. Awesome.

    And this cheered me up immensely babe MWAH.

  13. I went to one of these with my son and grandson a couple of yrs ago but it was inside. And i don’t think that they were this big.
    Love the yellow one

  14. They are transformers in disguise. Awesome sight and I’d love one to get around my island.

  15. What an interesting post with great pics, seems all had a fantastic time.

  16. Big monsters, quite awesome! The kids would love this show.

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