My World – Tumby Bay pt 2

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True to my word I’m continuing on in Tumby Bay again this week. Tumby Bay has great fishing, great beaches and a marina. It is also only a short drive to the agricultural areas.

H10 trying to find the beach with a GPS (why she isn’t just using her eyes….)

The kids probably ruined a whole micro-eco system by collecting a whole heap of periwinkles and then putting them back in different rock pools, but it kept them occupied for nearly an hour.

Tumby Bay from the local lookout…

Just outside of Tumby Bay we saw this pile of dirt. Do you think it looks like John Lennon having a little lie down?

 Back home again to check out the weather. Its still hot. I haven’t shrivelled up yet. South Australia is sweltering itself through a record heat wave. We have just experienced our 8th day in a row over 40C (104). Wednesday it reached 46.7C (116F). Adelaide has experienced similar temperatures, but they have had power outages and electricity rationing – so there have been numerous deaths (particularly among the elderly) attributed to the heat.

The January totals: In the month of January we had no rain at all. Our hottest day was 46.7C (116F) and our coldest day was 26.4C (80F). The average maximum temp was 35.3C (95F)

Monday 2nd Feb. Max Temp: 40C, Min Temp: 22C, Rainfall: 0mm, Days since rain: 51

23 responses to “My World – Tumby Bay pt 2

  1. Looks like a vast and beautiful, warm place!

  2. Looks like a wonderful day at the beach!!

  3. Kids are great! Why would she use her eyes when she could use the GPS. 😉

    Hope the temperature goes down, down to something reasonable. As much as I hate deep cold, I hate high heat even more!

  4. Yeah, I’m glad that GPS helped her find the beach! Very cute. I don’t know if it’s humid there or not, but if not, I’d prefer the heat to the cold any day. If it is, then my very deepest sympathies!

  5. GT: What a neat look into your world. You do nead a GPS to find the ocean when you are on the shore. I see things in the clouds and you find them on the ground, how neat.

  6. I’d love to visit there sometime. I’m sorry about the lack of rain. That is hard.

  7. The kids are enjoying themselves, and you have great shots too.

  8. Cute pics of the kids on the beach. Yes, could be John Lennon…
    the heat sounds pretty brutal. Hope you get some rain and coolter temps soon.

  9. Excellent pics, the weather looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

    Regina In Pictures

  10. It looks like a wonderful area

  11. i think i would be camped out at the beach under those weather conditions. my oh my that is hot…reminds me of las vegas in the summer months.

    thanks for sharing your outing with us.
    have a great week.


  12. WOW now that’s seriously HOT!! Looks like a lovely beach and the kids are adorable.

  13. Beautiful beautiful world and pics – it looks so different to me:)

  14. The photos are great, but I am sorry that you have to suffer such an enormous heatwave in the south of Australia! My daughter lives in the north of Queensland and doesn’t complain about the heat. You would think that it’s hotter overthere than in the south. I wish you a lot of cooler weather and some rain!

  15. I don’t know what the link is with Charles Dickens. Gelderland is one of the twelve provinces which the Netherlands are divided in. I live in Zuid-Holland(South-Holland. Amsterdam is in Noord-Holland (North Holland).Friesland and Groningen are in the north-east of the Netherlands.Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland,Flevoland and Utrecht are in the middle.Zeeland, Brabant and Limburg are in the south of the Netherlands. So we have only two provinces that are called Holland, both lying on the coast. Long story of a small country!!

  16. Great views of the beach and surroundings, I hope it cools down for you soon, it is always sad when people die from the heat.

  17. Beautiful pic sis, can’t believe C has changed so much since the last time I saw him! Sorry to hear about the heat – none of that in Seattle 🙂 As for the rockpools you’ll never know unless you go exploring

  18. Red sky at night – Shepherds delight
    Red sky in the morning – Shepherds warning.

    Great shot and post.

  19. This really is so gorgeous

  20. What stunning color in that sky. You really captured it well.

  21. sooooo beautiful and sooooo pink.

    let me share my white water rafting adventure to you here

  22. Very beautiful colored sky.

  23. Love the pics of the kids, they look so happy 🙂

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