How does this thing work?

You might have noticed that I have made a few little changes to the blog. For a start, the gnome is gone. I miss the little guy and I’m trying to work out where to put him, but until I pay for the CSS upgrade, he just doesn’t belong. (Blue and green should never be seen….)

Anyhoo, I’ve fiddled around with the widgets and pages and a few other things, and now the “human calendar” is at the top. But it says “Here in Australia it is….” because I know that for most of you (except for those in Noo Zillund and the eastern states of Oz) I am ahead of you, nearly a day ahead of those of you on the west coast of USA and Canada.

BUT, does the calendar show my date or your date? Because if it shows your date, then it might as well go, cos most of the time we know what day it is where we are, we just get confused when we have to work out what day it is where we aren’t. (I’m not even sure that makes sense)

So, let me know. It is probably best to check it out late at night, because by then Australia will already be in a different day. 

And if you can work it out – you’ll probably get a prize. Well actually you probably won’t, but I know that you’ll all do it out of the goodness of your heart.

One response to “How does this thing work?

  1. He he he.

    It is the right day.

    Do I get a prize?

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