My World – Pt Neill

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Ah, Port Neill. A place I’ve never been to except to find a geocache. It’s a small town. A very small town. You don’t actually drive through Pt Neill on the highway, you just skirt the town. Which is great if you live or holiday there. Minimal traffic makes for a pleasent break. Here’s a photo of my boys off to find the geocache “Boys Only“.

And the bigger boy putting the cache back….

  It was pretty cold and gusty the day we visited, and the water looked pretty rough, but in summer, people water ski here. And fish off the rocks.

Back home again to check out the never changing weather. It cooled down to 25C for the last few days of Vacswim last week, just enough to turn the kidlets blue in the water. But this week marks a return of summer and Tuesdays forecast is 45C (thats eleventy billion in the old money – well, its closer to 113F, but hot is hot, right?) Thank goodness for airconditioning. The paddock in the middle of the phot is gradually changing colour as the stubble left from harvest dies off.

In the month of December we had 45mm of rain in 8 days. Our hottest day was 35C (95F) and our coldest day was 19C (66F).


Sunday 11th Jan. Max Temp: 30C, Min Temp: 12C, Rainfall: 0mm, Days since rain: 30


13 responses to “My World – Pt Neill

  1. Beautiful landscape. We have summer all year round here.
    Geocache for “Boys Only“, that interesting.

  2. Beautiful cache!

  3. Grand shots, beautiful countryside.

  4. lovely countryside.

  5. I did enjoy your tour of Austrailia but 115F is way to hot for me.

  6. Great photos, we aren’t that warm here in The US, right now. Interesting post.

  7. Beautiful countryside, a fun tour! I could use some warmer weather about now. Great photos! thanks for sharing.

  8. Great open viist bt how do you stand the heat.

  9. I ‘ve tried to find Port Neill with Google Earth. It says that it’s in South Australia. My daughter lives in Queensland in the far north. I take it that you haven’t got any crocs overthere? Where she lives there are beaches with saltwater crocs.
    Interesting post! Thanks for showing your world. Mine is frosty and white in Holland!

  10. am wondering about the geocache but anyway, i like the sprawling pics you got there. my world is here

  11. I like the piles of seaweed up on the beach at Port Neil.

  12. kent anear

    i lived in Pt Neill for 5years Grand father was Harbour master andgrain merchant and town drunk Named the park after him We left when i was 5 great memories

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