Lets Go Fly a Kite


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SkyWatch Friday 26

It was a really nice day today, not a cloud in the sky. Not too hot. Not too cold. A gusty southerly bringing cool air to the summer sun.

The kids wanted to try out the kites that Santa delivered them this Christmas, so I thought, why not? I got to sit under a tree while the kids did all the work. Here are the results:


Of course, there was the  occasional tangle to fix, but even that can be pretty relaxing on such a nice day.

12 responses to “Lets Go Fly a Kite

  1. Wonderful SWF photo!It looks so warm!We have here winter and it´s so frosty cold!Enjoy your summer!

  2. Beautiful sky and kites.
    Happy Kiters.
    Luiz Ramos

    PS . Moon halo means rainy!!
    A lot of rain…!

  3. Beautiful series!

  4. Wow – summer! Here it is cold winter and lots of snow:-( Beautiful pictures – love the colors in them. happy SWF!

  5. I knew I’d find some warm skies at your blog. Thanks!

  6. dowhatyoulove

    Its fun to watch a kite soar through the sky. So effortless….

  7. Got to love the kite against the blue sky!

  8. What a fun post, great photos and an enjoyable video. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Very nice photographs. I am missing leaves right now.

  10. It’s so nice to see a nice, warm sky! We’re freezing here in Ohio. 🙂

  11. Kites are so much fun. We had a large one that could do tricks, but it was so large that it was hard for me to fly. I invite you to come see my moonrise. – Margy

  12. It’s so wonderful to see sunny summer photo’s. Here in Belgium it is freezing cold…

    Greetings !

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