My World – Arno Bay

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Travelling even further south down the east coast of Eyre Peninsula is the  town of Arno Bay. As well as being part of a farming community and home town of Adelaide Crow Shaun Rehn, it was pretty much a holiday shack town. Lots of folk from eastern EP have shacks at Arno and spend a fair bit of their summer there, fishing and swimming in the waters of Spencer Gulf. More recently, it has become home to Kingfish farms.  So they have recently built a marina for the larger fishing boats to live in.

Also in Arno Bay is an interpretive walk through the mangroves. Mangroves are important to the ecology of the whole of Spencer Gulf, where small fish breed and birds live and breed.  

  And now onto the weather. Summer is here. Just in time for VacSwim (school holiday swimming lessons), the mercury has hit 35 and looks like hovering there for the next few days at least.  And it’s been 23 days since it last rained. 3 months of hot hot hot to go

Monday 22nd Dec. Max Temp: 35C, Min Temp: 13C, Rainfall: 0mm

3 responses to “My World – Arno Bay

  1. Just a BIT jealous of your hot weather and swim lessons!

    Please be so kind to remember to include your when you link from the MWT page. I fixed it for you today.

    Thanks for your regular participation!

  2. thismechanican

    Sorry bout that! Must be still suffering from NYE…. 😕

  3. I love the photo with your children ~ they look like they are having so much fun! 🙂


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