A photo from the Girl Child


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While waiting for the fireworks last Saturday, H10 took this photo with the camera that Santa delivered to our house. She has nagged begged for me to put it up as a SWF post. It was taken looking over Franklin Harbour looking back towards Cowell.


Hope you all survived New Years Eve. Heres’ to a great 2009.

10 responses to “A photo from the Girl Child

  1. Well i am so glad that she nagged you enough as it is a beautiful photo
    Happy New Year

  2. Happy New Year 2009 and Happy SWF!Really nice picture!

  3. great photo,

    Gill in Canada

  4. Beautiful golden picture!

  5. Very nice! Glad she nagged you! It was worth posting and lovely to see!

  6. She took a great photo there babe!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year!
    Lovely picture

  8. nice pic happy new year

  9. I love the flare of sun that is shining through. This is a really beautiful photo!

  10. Love your photo – I find it very warming on a very cold day where I live.


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