My Christmas Crazy Part 3

Well, it’s Christmas Eve and I haven’t killed anyone yet. The kids have rearranged the loungeroom enabling us to fit in the large dining table to fit the extra guests around tomorrow. I’ve been shopping for all the food, but I have a nagging feeling that I’ve forgotten something.

All the presents are now under the tree (except for the ones that Santa is bringing tonight) and the stockings have been hung on doorknobs.


We still have to make Santa his Christmas Cookies (apparently he only likes fresh baked) and I’ll start setting the table for tomorrow.

As for Christmas day, we’ll do the usual tearing open of the presents, followed by a sudden realisation that there aren’t enough batteries to go round. Then it’s off to the kitchen for me to prepare the bounteous banquet we call lunch. We’re having some fellow “away from family” friends round to join us in the turkey feast. I’m actually working Christmas afternoon, so while the rest of my clan will be lying on the lounge watching Simpsons reruns with their top buttons undone, I’ll be tending to the sick and elderly.

Hairy Krisselbum everybody. Hope Santa is kind to you.

One response to “My Christmas Crazy Part 3

  1. santa has been very kind this year lol. anyways, have a joyful christmas to you and your love ones… from my islands to yours.

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