My Christmas Crazy Part 1


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Christmas for us started back in November when we travelled to Adelaide for the Credit Union Christmas Pageant. My kids had never been and as H is now 10 we decided that it was now or never. I have fond memories of the pageant from when I was a kid. My mum worked for John Martins (the original sponsors of the pageant) and like every little girl in South Australia, I desperately wanted to be the fairy that got to ride Nipper or Nimble (rocking horses) or even better – got to sit on Santa’s float. Alas, it was not to be.

We were fortunate enough to have tickets, so we didn’t have to get there too early to get a good position – we left our hotel at 7am and were in position just after 8. (the pageant doesn’t start til 9.30, but they were expecting over 300,000 people). There had been heavy rain during the night, but the sun peeped through just long enough for the kids to start acting like vampires:

Pageant08_01 by you.


The kids got into the spirit while we waited and drew all over the road with chalk (like every other kid)

I remember this float from when I was a kid:

 Then came Nipper:

 and Nimble:

 Then Father Christmas turned up and the batteries in my camera went flat. But I assure you, he did show up!

Part 2 coming right up!

One response to “My Christmas Crazy Part 1

  1. Wish MPS was here so I could show him that. I bet he went there as a kid too!

    Now on to all your other crazy…

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