Christmas Crazy Part 2

What would Christmas be without the obligatory Junior Primary Christmas Concert. None of the kids cried (which is always a good start) but a few did get restless towards the end. Here is a little snippet just for you….

 A few days later we found ourselves in Adelaide again, so I took the kids to see Father Christmas in the Magic Cave (Santas home in Adelaide). The queue was a mile long and the kids were grumpy, so we just visited the cave and had a ride on Nimble:



On Saturday, our town had it’s own Christmas pageant. H10 went as a princess with a young friend:


and C7 went as a lion along with a classmate:


They all queued up to get their presents from Santa:



And then it was a quick trip around town to check out the christmas lights.

Part 3 will be along really soon:


One response to “Christmas Crazy Part 2

  1. Santa wearing sunnies? Blasphemy.

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