My World Tuesday – 10

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Technically, if you head back onto the highway from Lucky Bay, and then continue south, you will come to Cowell. A very popular little sea side town. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to actually have pictures of Cowell. Oh sure, I have plenty of photos of my kids in Cowell, but really, they could just be standing next to any old gum tree or piece of old machinery.

Cowell was originally a  farming community with the nearby Franklin Harbour used as a port. In recent years it was popular for it’s jade deposits, and now, Cowell is home to the Cowell oyster, reputed to be some of the best Australian Oysters.

You still want photos? Okay, this one was taken at the Historical (Hysterical) museum in Cowell. I present to you “Kids on a Piece of Machinery”



And now onto the weather. The rains seems to have stopped now and the temps are creeping up.  We went ACW’s familys Christmas on Sunday afternoon and it had reached 36C at his familys farm. Officially, the mercury only tipped 35C, but who’s going to quibble about one degree?


Monday 22nd Dec. Max Temp: 26C, Min Temp: 15C, Rainfall: 0mm

5 responses to “My World Tuesday – 10

  1. No one can resists getting on a piece of machinery, don’t you think?

    Happy holidays.

  2. Interesting and fun part of your world for your kids.

  3. happy holidays.
    i will trade you the cold and wind we are having here…lol.

  4. It looks like you have woderful wide open country. I liked the photo of your kids on the vintage farm machinery.

  5. If I were that age, I’d be up on the machinery, too. Isn’t that the whole point?

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