My World Tuesday – 9


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Heading back towards the coast from Iron Baron (and slightly south) we come across Lucky Bay. This tiny seaside community is a collection of shacks and is generally only populated in summer. There have been ongoing fights with the government and the local council about the removal of the shacks as they are supposedly in danger of being drowned if the sea levels rise. Nobody really cared about Lucky Bay until nearly 2 years ago when SeaSA opened the ferry link between the York and Eyre Peninsulas. Now, instead of driving up and around through Port Augusta, you can skip across the Spencer Gulf in a state of the art ferry.


For more information on Lucky Bay, click here

And now onto the weather. Even though this photo looks clear, during the week we had some torrential rain. Fed by a large low pressure system in the centre of Australia, most of South Australia got a good drink on Thursday night. In fact this rain, which for us lasted about an hour brought nearly 1.5 inches. Our total rainfall for the year to that point was about 8 inches.


Apart from that, the weather has been fairly tolerable still, if not a bit humid.


Monday 15th Dec. Max Temp: 24C, Min Temp: 9C, Rainfall: 0mm

7 responses to “My World Tuesday – 9

  1. beautiful post. have a great week.

  2. You have much better in your world for sure.

  3. What lovely clear blue skies you have there. If it’s now easy to get there, I think this will become a popular place very quickly.

  4. It’s probably amazing to see how the rain effects the plants and wildlife after such a big storm. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Happy Holidays…

  5. Thank you for sharing your world. that ship really looks out of place there.. beautiful. beautiful…

  6. Wow, looks like a lot of rain falling down!

  7. Isn’t it ridiculous to want to remove the shacks with the lame exuse of rising sea level..if and when. Our Government is utterly idiotic most of the time. As though the sea would emulate the Red Sea and swallow all the shacks in one gulp! I think because of the Ferry there is some business deal in their pocket for a swanky holiday complex.

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