SWF – 22 or Man vs Nature

Late afternoon at the Winter’s Hill lookout just north of Port Lincoln. The setting sun creating amazing contrasts. Nature at it’s best…. except that there’s a bloody great tower and surveyors mark in the middle of the shot. One day I’ll have enough time to get out my graphics tablet and fire up Photoshop and return the lookout to it’s prior glory, but in the mean time I offer you this:


You can catch more Skywatch photos from all over the world here.

5 responses to “SWF – 22 or Man vs Nature

  1. Those rocks almost look like some sacred cairn! Just ironic to have metal towers feeding out of them! Fascinating shot!

  2. It is a combo of the meets the under under lovely blue sky

  3. absolutely beautiful blue skies! so much is happening there and it flows wonderfully! Happy sky watch

  4. Aggravating artifacts, but it still makes a lovely photo.

  5. looking forward to you removing the manmade items from the photo…but, it is still a great picture and an interesting post.
    thanks for sharing.

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