My World Tuesday – 8

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Inland fromm Whyalla are the Middleback Ranges. The Middlebacks contain large deposits of Hematite and Magnetite for iron production. The current mines are at Iron Duke, Iron Duchess, Iron Knight and Iron Magnet. Previously, mining has occured at Iron Baron, Iron Knob and Iron Monarch. The town of Iron Baron is now abandoned, and OneSteel list the mine as non-operational, although on my last visit there, we saw trucks entering and leaving the site.


This once thriving community had halls and sports facilities dotted all over the country side. This is the Iron Baron “Institute”. Most Australians will know what I mean by this, it’s kind of like a community hall. Nearly every country town has one. Often they were where movies were shown, dances and wedding receptions were held and were also often the town library as well.


The corrugated iron lean-to has fallen down and the windows are smashed. Most of the floor boards are in tact. The nearby tennis courts haven’t been used in many years and are now over grown. It’s hard to believe that once there were hundreds of people living here.

And now onto the weather. This photo was taken  lunchtime Monday. I am still (im)patiently waiting for summer to arrive. I hate the long hot summers and just  want them over and done with. I have however been enjoying the unseasonally cool weather. Temps have ranged from 22C – 30C.  A thunderstorm rolled through on Thursday showering us with 5.2mm (1/5 inch) over the 24 hours and another around lunchtime Saturday giving us another 2mm. That brings our total to  7.2mm (almost 0.3″) for the month. Over half the farmers have finished reaping now, yields are very low. On an average year most will get around 12-15 bags per acre and on a good year, some will get up to 20. The best I have heard of this year was 4bags/acre and that was of average quality. So its not just the amount that is down, but the quality as well, which results in much reduced prices.


Monday 8th Dec. Max Temp: 30C, Min Temp: 10C, Rainfall: 0mm

18 responses to “My World Tuesday – 8

  1. Wow great pics, thanks for the tour.

    Regina In Pictures

  2. GT: That is quite the view of your land and the lack of rain. that is very hard on the farmer when the rain is so low. I loved your iron towns.

  3. Great post and beautiful photo’s!!

  4. Really great photos and information! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Mining seems to suffer similar fates all over the world. Lots of abandoned sites here in Canada too, sad to say. Interesting post! Thanks.

  6. Nice post. Thanks for showing your world.

  7. As you await winter I approach summer here. It is eerie to see a place that was once so vibrant now so empty.

  8. nice photo of your li’l world.

  9. Ghost towns are fascinating. I don’t know that I’ve seen another one abandoned so recently as this one.

  10. Most likely it was a Soldiers Memorial “Institute” (most in SA are). There is no membership and it is owned by the community as a whole. Most towns still have them, but now they are just called “the Hall”. From memory, they are soldiers memorial halls if there is no library and institutes if there is a library.

  11. Great tour of the mining area. Always fascinating

  12. Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing and happy geocaching!

  13. enjoyed learning a little about mining…clicked on the link and learned a bit more….great post and photos.
    thank you for sharing with us.

  14. what a neat place and i like how subtle the colors are. seems like peaceful and quiet there.

  15. Interesting post about the iron mines. Normally one thiks just of Iron Knob, I suppose it is because that in so visible across the landscape. The rain you got gave us 9.9ml which was very welcome since my garden looks like agent orange has hit it. Thanks for the info.

  16. Nice photos, the land looks so arid. The old hall is still standing awaiting everybody to return.
    Where abouts in Australia is this, which state?
    There are lots of old ghost towns, they are interesting.

  17. This is a photo of Iron Baron near Whyalla in South Australia. Click the link for more information

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