Skywatch No. 21 or Go Anna Go

At the highway turnoff to the pretty town of Crystal Brook in South Australias mid north stands a tree with a carved goanna. Goannas are a type of monitor lizard which are found in SE Asia, Australia and Africa. The largest Australian goanna, the Perenti can grow to over 2 metres (6′ 8″) in length and the smallest is the Short Tailed Monitor which rarely gets over 20cm (8″) in length. The largest monitor lizard is the Komodo Dragon – the largest lizard on the planet. Most goannas will head for a tree when startled, running quite quickly with a funny gait and then up the nearest gumtree.

We spied this fellow while doing a spot of night geocaching. He looks quite eerie silhouetted against the full moon and cloudy sky.


To give you a better idea here is the flash version from a slightly different angle to avoid the moon:


You can catch more Skywatch photos from all over the world here.

12 responses to “Skywatch No. 21 or Go Anna Go

  1. Great photo! The goanna almost looks real to my Canadian eyes in the bottom photo.

  2. Fun post. Happy weekend.

  3. Very creative skywatch post! I love it! (I’m rather fond of sculpture as well as lizards!)

  4. Nature is truly beautiful! Happy weekend! Hope you get time to visit my corner too…

  5. Great shots. It almost looks real, though normally we see them when we are camping and they’re hungry. It is fascinating watching them eat.


  6. These are incredibly strage images. You could have fooled me.

  7. Whatever is he doing? Just posing for you? We narrowly missed one sunning himself in the road near the S.A. – Vic. border. It took a spot of manouvering to avoid too!
    Great shots.

  8. Happy sky watch Friday
    Love your beautiful photos.

  9. This is just plain weird. Fun, but weird.

  10. Really interesting to see it from different angles.

  11. Cool photos. I really love the first, shadowed one… very mysterious.

  12. Cool photo for sky watch, slowed down a bit a first and thought hmmm bat maybe, interesting sight, thanks for sharing.

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