My World Tuesday – 7

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Continuing south along the east coast of  Eyre Peninsula we come to Whyalla, once South Australias largest provincial city. It is the home of a BHP (now OneSteel) Iron smelter and was also home to one of Australia’s shipyards. The shipyards closed in the late 1970’s decimating the population of the town. The smelters are still functioning and iron ore is brought by train and truck from the various mines in the Middleback ranges.


As an industrial town,  Whyalla played an important role during WW2 building naval ships and shells. But the local men also played their part in the theatre of war.


From memory, all the names on this plaque are now street names in Whyalla.  




And now onto the weather. This photo was taken Monday afternoon. Even though it was the first day of summer, it was mostly overcast today. The weather bureau is predicting thunderstorms later in the week. Officially we have had 0.4mm of rain during the past week. (I don’t remember seeing it – but then again 0.4mm is 16/1000 of an inch, so I don’t think it really counts). The weather has been warming up with temps now ranging from 23C to 30C during the last week and the forecast for the next week much the same.


Monday 1st Dec. Max Temp: 4C, Min Temp: 8C, Rainfall: 0mm

17 responses to “My World Tuesday – 7

  1. I can’t imagine measuring rain in such small amounts!

    How nice that all those veterans are remembered by street names.

  2. REally nice tour with enough info on this once busy town.

    Rain is scarce around here too.

  3. Nice post on Whyalla.

  4. Interesting post.

  5. Nice tour of your world. I’ll have to go read some more about the lone pine and Gallipoli

  6. This was a vey poignant my world post.

  7. What a wonderful tree.

  8. enjoyed reading your very interesting post and thank you for sharing it with us. my dad was briefly in australia during WWII…he served in action in New Guinea.
    have a good week.

  9. Very interesting post with great piccies

  10. Very interesting post and interesting that they would use those names for street names thanks for sharing your part of the world

  11. Whyalla – Land of milk and honey!

    Whyalla or 15 kilometres [10 mile] north is the only place in the world where the Giant Australian Cuttlefish AGGREGATE to spawn. [Aggregate means to come together in their hundreds of thousands]. Normally these cuttlefish lead solitary lives and are never seen in numbers more than about 10 -12. But at Point Lowly, north of Whyalla, every year from middle of May to end August, the cuttlefish come together in hundreds of thousands. Its the only place on earth that this spectacular event happens. From an ordinary grey creature of the sea, it turns itself into a myriad of colours forming an underwater light like no other. If you can think of a colour, it can duplicate it.
    Its so spectacular that Warner Brothers Movies Inc have featured it predominantly in their next 3D Under The Sea movie due to be released in February next year.
    So if you want to see how good they look, go to the movies cause in 5 years the sea around Whyalla will be dead and nothing will live here anymore, because BHP Billiton want to build the largest DESALINATION Plant in the southern hemisphere here and throw the BRINE which is twice as salty as the seawater back into the gulf waters of the Upper Spencer Gulf.

    To see what is happening in this neck of the world, please go to:
    Some the things on that site will stagger you but only mankind can stop hurting mankind!

  12. never seen a place that is so sprawling from afar (last picture) it looks all flat. 🙂

  13. Nice pictures and information. Wow, first time I heard about Whyalla. I am familar with Sydney and been to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth but never heard of Whyalla. I am going to google for more information of this place.

  14. That’s an interesting place. God bless.

  15. Thanks for sharing this world that is still wearing the battle wounds of WW II.
    Thanks for the comment on St.Nicholas. St. Nicholas has NOTHING to do with X-mas. It’s just his birthday on the 6th December and a nice extra feast. We celebrate X-mas like you do by going to church on Chritmas Eve and the next morning as well. We have a tree after St.Nicholas and my choir will have several performances of singing X-mas Carols. During Advent we prepare ourselves for the Birth of Jesus. X-mas is a wholly religious feast.

  16. wonderful history! Happy summer to you … its COLD here i am missing summer already!

  17. I enjoyed the post. It’s so important to remember the men who fought wars to protect others!! Thanks for sharing.

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