Skywatch No 20 – Why Port Pirie people dance funny

Todays offering is a view of the smoke stack of the Nyrstar (Pasminco) Lead Smelter in Port Pirie. This is the largest lead and zinc smelter in the world. Ore is transported about 400km by train from Broken Hill in New South Wales. Port Pire was the first provincial city in South Australia and also boasts fishing and tourism as it’s major industries.  

Port Pirie is a beautiful city, but has been the poor cousin in the iron triangle for a long time. It was often joked at post football game parties, that you could tell which people were from Pirie, because their feet were too heavy from all the lead to dance properly. 😉

As usual in southern Australia in summer, there are clear blue skies with a huge sun.


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15 responses to “Skywatch No 20 – Why Port Pirie people dance funny

  1. That is a very cool capture! The port looks interesting!~

  2. Cool picture and composition.

  3. what a beautiful shot! Happy swf. 🙂

  4. We have to capture the unusual. That is what makes us photographers.

  5. To capture the strange is far more interesting, like this image.

  6. What a great shot. The Aussie landscape is beautiful, whether town or country!


  7. This is a beautiful shot of the sky and the sun, love how the tower is reaching for the sky

  8. interesting post…thanks for sharing with us all at skywatch friday.
    have a good weekend.

  9. how bright!! 🙂

  10. I love the shot. I also love to learn about the area. Thanks.

  11. As a child, the sight of that stack in the distance meant we were almost home. Mind you, you can see it from quite a distance so “almost home” still seemed to take forever!!! LOL.

  12. Beautiful sky and I love the sun in this picture

  13. Inspiring photo with the sun glowing so vibrantly! Just lovely!

  14. That’s a little bit eerie. Like a finger pointing up at a ball of fire. Wow!

    Happy Sky Watch Friday!
    New Mexico

  15. What a beautiful glow.

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