My World Tuesday – 6

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 Travelling south from Port Augusta (and just before you get to Whyalla) you pass Fitzgerald Bay, Point Lowly, Port Bonython and the Freycinet Trail. Along this coast is the breeding ground for the Giant Australian Cuttlefish. These creatures grow to over a metre (3′ 4″) in length. (Click the photos to enlarge and read..)



Point Lowly is also home to the SANTOS fractional distilation plant, so some of the biggest ships in Australian waters – oil tankers –  dock here to take on gas and distillate (diesel) and transport it around the country. This region has a long shipping history and hence the (still functioning) lighthouse at Point Lowly


And now onto the weather. This photo was taken on Monday around lunchtime from the usual location. It has been another very mild week. We even had 5.4mm (21 points) of rain on Tuesday once again frustrating those farmers still trying to harvest crops. It took almost 3 days for the wheat to dry out enough to reap.  Crop yields are very low and many of the silo workers have been laid off because there isn’t enough work for them. The temps have been mild ranging from 20C – 27C. Our summers tend to be very long and very hot and I just want the hot weather to get here soon so that it can be over and done with.


Monday 24th Nov. Max Temp: 27C, Min Temp: 13C, Rainfall: 0mm

19 responses to “My World Tuesday – 6

  1. What a cool tour. Thanks and see you next week.

  2. Great images! You gotta love the lighthouse! Just beautiful!
    Cheers, Klaus

  3. Love the photo of the lighthouse! It’s stunning.

  4. GT: What a neat story of the Cuttle Fish. That was a neat look at the seaside.

  5. Wonderful post. That lighthouse is spectacular!

  6. Oh, I absolutely LOVE that lighthouse! 😀

  7. My kind of world that Lighthouse is a beauty.

  8. Great collection of very different photos. The lighthouse is beautiful, but the cuttlefish is unusual and interesting.

  9. Very nice and interesting post. Have a Happyy and wonderful day with My World today! Mine is at

  10. I love the light house picture. They are all really nice pictures.

  11. Love the light house, come check out mine. Thanks for sharing your world

  12. Great shots, the one of the lighthouse is spectacular.

    Regina In Pictures

  13. Beautiful capture of that light house.

  14. WOw those are big and the lighthouse photo is stunning

  15. beautiful photo of the lighthouse and facinating on the fish…

  16. Nice post. I love the photo of the lighthouse.

  17. good post…love the shot of the sky and the lighthouse…thanks for sharing with us.

  18. i hope those cuttlefishes won’t get disturbed too much by the big ships. I am curious how those cuttlefishes look for real:) quite big as based on the description you have posted.

  19. thismechanican

    For more information on the cuttlefish, checkout

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