SWF 19 or Those magnificent men

Not a real lot of commentary needed to todays offering. These photos were taken at the Cummins Air Show in April. The pilot is Chris Sperou, who is one of Australia’s if not the worlds, best aerobatic pilots. (Google him). BTW, he is over 70!!





You can catch more Skywatch photos from all over the world here.

14 responses to “SWF 19 or Those magnificent men

  1. A stunning airplane and nice picture, happy weekend.

  2. great catch… the blue quietness above…. Happy SkyWatching! I am back now… Hope you’ll visit mine too…

  3. Nice capture. It must have been a good experience. Never had one, maybe I’ll try next year when the Blue Angels fly into town.

  4. Love theses shots. The contrast in colors are awesome!

  5. Great addition for todays SWF. Love the cute little plane in the clouds. lovely.

  6. Great going. Love the colors!

  7. Great shots of the airplane through the sky. I love air shows and air races too. Been to several back in the day.

  8. Isn’t that amazing? Great pictures.

  9. How original! Wonderful pictures indeed!

  10. What a great SkyWatch shot. I have to give those guys/ gals lots of credit. You wouldn’t get me up there.
    Happy SWF.

  11. made me think of snoopy and the red baron.
    thanks for sharing the photos 🙂

  12. awesome shots Looks like tons of fun!

  13. Incredible captures! The man being 70 reminds me of the movie Second-hand Lions. Terrific post!

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