My World Tuesday – 5

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Eyre Peninsula is the big triangle bit in the western half on South Australia. It is bordered at its three “points” by Port Augusta in the east, Ceduna in the west and Port Lincoln in the south. Todays entry comes from Pt Augusta. Just outside of the town, on the side of the road, are a series of graves. The dates range from the early to the mid 1800’s and none of the names seem to be related. Some of the surnames are still in the town and some of them are street names. But this isn’t a cemetary. It’s just a group of about 20 graves, some marked, some not, on the side of the road. All are in a state of disrepair. Some of the deceased were old when they died, some young. There are men, women and children. I don’t know why they were buried on the outskirts of town when there are several perfectly good cemetaries in the town. It reminds me of “boot hill” in an old westen movie.


And now onto the weather. This photo was taken on Sunday around lunchtime from the usual location. I promise you, these are different photos!! Summer in southern Australia doesn’t change much! There hasn’t been any rain this week, and the temps have been fluctuating wildly. 36C one day, 22C the next. Many farmers have now almost finished harvest – it has been very short due to such low yields.


Sunday 16th Nov. Max Temp: 24C, Min Temp: 10C, Rainfall: 0mm

18 responses to “My World Tuesday – 5

  1. That looks an interesting site. Thanks for sharing such info!~

  2. Those graves are interesting. Sort of pretty and quaint. It’s funny because I was thinking this morning that a picture of some of our cemetaries here might make a good My World post because they DO look like they are from an old western movie. Yours look like at least civilized people marked them!

  3. We have small plots in various places where early settlers were buried. Way back when, I think some people wanted to be buried on their own land. 😉

  4. I can only see two pictures. Is that correct?

    It’s always nice to see other people’s world. I find those graves interesting.

  5. That is a neat part of history of your world you have captured.

  6. Those graves do remind me of something from an old western movie! So interesting. Beautiful photos and history. Thank you.

  7. I love finding random bits of history we know it is important to some

  8. The grave site is interesting indeed. At first I wondered if they died along the trail before a town was there.
    I can almost hear western movie music playing. 🙂
    Really nice post.

  9. Spooky place and great photo and story.
    I’ve been to Boot Hill in Tombstone, AZ. Some of the fenced in graves do resemble yours photo alot. 🙂

    Thanks for a view of your world today,
    New Mexico, USA

  10. It does look creepy, but interesting place to visit.

  11. Beautiful shot of the old gravestones with the lovely long shadows of the fence.

  12. Interesting post and pictures!

  13. Leslie in Canada

    I find that intriguing about the grouping of graves out in the middle of nowhere. The other shot is a wonderful panorama. I’m envious of your warm weather!

  14. It reminds me a little of a cemetary near the freeway at Chiltern, Victoria.

  15. Yep, sky is a little more blue in pic of this day:) Beautiful grave, although story is little sad…

  16. Love that shot of the tombstones…

  17. thanks for sharing a little bit about your mentioned by other bloggers the tombstones are a bit like some in the Western US.

  18. Very flat there, isn’t it? I agree with Lisa, having been to the original, real life boot hill in Tombstone that is absolutely the first thing I thought of when I saw your photo, even before I read your text.

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