SWF18 – Sunset on the Move

Travelling to Adelaide last weekend, we were blessed with an amazing sunset. I mentioned to ACW that I thought it would make a great skykwatch photo. We were already running quite behind schedule, so we hung the camera out the window of our (rapidly) moving car and took these photos 3 minutes and about 5km apart:




 I can’t decide which one I like best. I still want to photoshop them to get rid of the power lines in the second one and the light poles in the last one (and straighten up the first one). What do you think?

You can catch more Skywatch photos from all over the world here.

20 responses to “SWF18 – Sunset on the Move

  1. Stunning shots, especially the third one. Thanks for sharing!

    Regina In Pictures

  2. those could be in the Bible! Glorious.

  3. I think all three are beautiful, but the last one is just spectacular.

  4. These are great shots! I can’t believe they’re drive-by shootings. Well done. 🙂

  5. Very beautiful, all three of them. 😉 Happy Sky Watch!

  6. Someone asked me not long ago what my favorite color was.My reply , “The color where the sky touches earth”.Just like in your bottom photo.BRAVO!

  7. Indeed very nice, can’t pick a fave, all three are well captured.

    Mine’s at http://calrat.blogspot.com

  8. Great shots this week. Love the way the skies look in these photos. Have a great weekend.

  9. Beautiful – love the light and the rays.

  10. They’re all gorgeous shots and I wouldn’t be able to decide either, but if you do PhotoShop them, let us see the results!!! Beautiful captures!!!

  11. What beautiful light. Really makes you wonder in amazement at our magnificent landscape. The photos are great as the are.


  12. They are all beautiful, but I love the first one best. Such wonderful light. Happy SWF. 🙂

  13. Great photo & amazing colors
    Happy SWF!

  14. Excellent shots from a moving vehicle. That sky calls out loud.

  15. Absolutely fantastic photos all of them!!! I think I love the middle one the best!

  16. I’d just skew the left lower corner down and call the first one a winner…

  17. Beautiful. I wish I could take shots like that.

  18. These are beautiful, so effective as a wide crop.

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