My World Tuesday – 4

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Last week we were on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. This week I take you to the east coast, to a little town called Port Gibbon. Pt Gibbon is located between Arno Bay and Cowell. These structures are known locally as the igloos. They were built during WW2 but were never used because peace was declared before their completion. Now they sit in a farmer paddock where he uses them for grain storage.



And now onto the weather. This photo was taken on Monday around lunchtime from the same location as the first one. As you can see, not a lot has changed! I think the wheat crop has been reapt. It has been an unusual week weather wise. We had rain (6mm – 1/4 inch) on Wednesday, frustrating those farmers who are trying to reap what little crops they have.


Monday 10th Nov. Max Temp: 31C, Min Temp: 11C, Rainfall: 0mm


19 responses to “My World Tuesday – 4

  1. What a neat story from your world down under. I’m glad they are in use and not sitting bare.

  2. Wonderful information. I like the igloos. What are they used for now?

  3. Igloos? Love it. Igloos look a lot different in northern Canada. 😉

    Luckily, they didn’t need to be used in the Second World War. Nice that someone can use them now, though.

  4. Great post and photo’s.

  5. Very interesting post and photographs. There’s something very beautiful to me about the structures in the first shot. I think it’s the simplicity and how they look in the field.

  6. Very interesting and how nice that the buildings have found a useful purpose and even better that they didn’t have to be used for their original purpose. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Fantastic shots indeed. Thanks for sharing!

    Regina In Pictures

  8. Wonderful story. One wonders at the governmental reasoning. Air raid shelters in the middle of a paddock? What about the civilian population in the surrounding area in case this structure had attracted enemy bombers?

  9. A timely reminder of the follies of sinecured, comfortable administrators, who wasted valuable resources while young men were cast as cannon fodder in distant lands.

  10. The first shot is my FAVE! Thanks for the wonderful story:)

    Posted mine, HERE. Have a great day! And thanks for the virtual travel;)

  11. Interesting structures, unlike any others I’ve seen. It makes sense that there would be defenses prepared in Australia, but I’ve never seen much about them. Most of what we hear about is the European theater, or farther north in the Pacific.

  12. There are similar looking structures along the English coastline dating back to WW2.

  13. Those igloos are interesting. And I love the photo of them. The golden colors of the wheat (I think) and buildings are quite nice.

  14. Interesting world and so different to mine.

  15. Very cool… Even in 1947 (the year of my birth, by the way), ten pounds was probably pretty cheap…

  16. at least they found a useful use !!

  17. Beautiful shots of the igloos.

  18. wonderful photos… Great use for the buildings since they were not needed for the intended purpose. Beautiful world!

  19. What an amazing story. Nice to learn something new. Very unusual structures. Sure glad they’re still being used and not torn down.
    Nice photos.

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