SWF17 Somewhere over the Rainbow

The cost of electricity in South Australia has been a bone on contention ever since it was privatised many years ago. If a private company can make money from producing electricity, then why can’t a publicly owned facility make money? Anyway, I now know why our electricity bill are so high, they need it to pay for the pot of gold…


The Northern Power Station in Port Augusta IS the pot of gold.

You can catch more Skywatch photos from all over the world here.

11 responses to “SWF17 Somewhere over the Rainbow

  1. Thank You, That was so / so / so funny. You made my day.

  2. Beautiful photo. Cute post.
    Have a great SWF.

  3. Beautiful rainbow! Thanks for my smile.

  4. Oh what a beautiful rainbow. I also like the fact that you captured the smoke.

  5. I love rainbows, there is something so special about them, I do wish tho that i could find that pot of gold

  6. Rainbows are magical, aren’t they? Great photo. Sounds like you need the pot of gold to pay for your power bill 🙂


  7. Beautiful rainbow! I haven’t seen one for a very long time!

  8. Love the commentary LOL and what a BEAUTIFUL rainbow… Happy SWF!

  9. Beautiful rainbow and great commentary!

  10. That’s a great shot and your explanation is probably right too, our last two monthly bills have each been over $600.00! Somebody is lining if not their pockets, then something else.

  11. Such a beauty!!! And just who are the leprechauns in this analogy? the politicians? LOL

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