My World Tuesday – 3

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Today, MyWorld is taking us to Elliston on the West Coast of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Elliston is best known for its fishing and surfing. We were heading up to the cliff top to find a geocache and the first roadsign we saw was this:

When we arrived at the lookout, this is the sign in the carpark:

You can park. You can put rubbish in a bin. You can take photos. You can fish. You cannot however camp, build a fire or litter. You can only walk your dog on a leash. You should however, be aware (or beware) of the natural risks:  

 According to my children the risks are: Cliffs that will move away from you causing you to lose your footing, Monsters that come out of the sea to eat you, Helicopter sharks and the most dangerous of all, the triangle headed black snake known for it’s extreme slipperyness. After all this, we were rewarded with this wonderful view of Waterloo Bay:


 And now onto the weather. This photo was taken on Sunday around lunchtime from the same location as the last weeks. During the night, we had quite a lot of thunder and lightnening. The rain sounded heavy on the iron roof, but officially we only got 0.8mm. The view from my hill following the thunderstorm:

Sunday 2nd Nov. Max Temp: 24C, Min Temp: 15C, Rainfall: 0.8mm

Since it is the start of a new month, I can also publish the records for the month of October.
Highest Max:35.5C
Lowest Min:4.5C
Highest Rainfall:0.8mm
Total Rainfall for Month:1.8mm
Days of Rainfall:4


25 responses to “My World Tuesday – 3

  1. The view is spectacular. Some of the pictures are amusing. The commentary is hilarious–especially the interpretations from your children!

  2. I really enjoyed this little jaunt to your viewpoint. Amusing narrative, too! lol Love your kids’ interpretations of the signs.

  3. What a wonderful view! Great!

  4. Breathtaking picture of the water! Love the signs and particularly the kids interpretations! All in all, just really beautiful shots! Thanks!

  5. Your kids are great! The signs took on added scariness after I read their interpretations.
    Last scene is gorgeous.

  6. Now that? Is gorgeous!

    But I worry about those helicopter sharks. Seems like they’d be pretty dangerous.

  7. Beautiful place! I think that beware-of-driving-off-cliff sign is the first I’ve ever seen!

  8. So it was well worth the walk, its beautiful.

  9. Beautiful but what a worrying sign.

  10. Beautiful and funny. I am laughing at your kids explanations of the risk ;-D LOL. They are so right

  11. I must say I loved that helicopter shark. I think the kids did a nice job on the sign. What a great view in reward for fighting all those hazards.

  12. what a gorgeous place…I like the view very pretty.

  13. Beautiful view and all those warning signs (although very serious) are rather funny.

  14. Great pics – love your kids’ interpretations

  15. i won’t mind having those hazards as long as i can have a glimpse of that view. stunning.

  16. Wonderful (and funny) shots :-). Bye and greetings from Croatia

  17. Your statistics are very similar to ours. Great views from Elliston. We like staying in the cabins near the waterfront and the food at the pub is tops too.

  18. What beautiful place!! lovely shots and love your children’s explanation of the signs! I think we have snakes around here too…!

  19. Great signs… Good ones to heed…

  20. These are gorgeous shots. Some funny signs.

  21. Too funny the comments from the kids, looks gorgeous

  22. A beautiful view, and your kids have a great sense of humor. So much for iconic depictions. 🙂

  23. I love the signs, I’ll take special care not to get eaten by helicopter sharks. The view over the bay is breathtaking.

  24. Cute narrative and beautiful photos

  25. Great selection of pics! Specially like the sign ones. Good job! :o)

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