Introducing H10

Well not so much introducing her as changing her name. The child formerly known as H9 has had a birthday and is now enjoying being 10.

As is traditional in our house, I spent an eleventy bazillion hours on Friday producing the artwork requested:

Then yesterday, we celebrated with a party at the pub with 10 of her nearest and dearest. To keep the girls occupied, I had them decorating their own party bags boxes with glitter pens…

There was a treasure hunt in the garden followed by the traditional Pass the Parcel game. The High School Musical CD was produced and a dancing competition got them up and moving…

Surprisingly, when the food arrived, they all sat down and ate like real people – they even used cutlery (for the most part). They continued to drink large amounts of red fizzy (11 kids = 10 litres of drink??) and be entertained by The Jonas Brothers on the TV. There was even polite dinner conversation and nobody threw anything….

For dessert, we at Mars Bars as they should be eaten – with a knife and fork. First to finish was declared the winner:

They had a bit of a run around and played with the balloons while making room for the cake…

Soon it was time for the cake and candles….

The combined effect of the red fizzy and the blue jelly and the chocolate was beginning to take its toll. Fortunately, home time was just around the corner. More silliness then it was just time to clean up and head for home.

Happy Birthday H10!

5 responses to “Introducing H10

  1. You are an amazing mum with an amazing daughter. Happy Birthday H10 a Prezzie from New York will arrive early december…PS the cake looks great, well done

  2. I love the cake..awesome

  3. That looks like fun, hope you had ear plugs or did they not sound like a Sunday school picnic?
    Re. your question, our country probably until to-morrow still looks pretty green.We are in our 5th year of drought. All our dams went dry last summer and did not replenish, and the plants I watered, including 4-5m trees, with the last dam water died from salt. We still have one bore going for the cattle but, although there is plenty of feed on the paddocks, will probably have to sell off our sheep in wool with lambs at foot. Our shearer is way behind time and fly strike is a menace. We are on the rain shadow side of the ranges in the easter foot hills at 400m. The ranfall drops off at 1″ per mile in our direction. Our nearest village had 8mm yesterday, we had two. You just have to bite the bullet and watch trees you established 17 years ago die before your eyes. As long as life goes on, that’s all that matters. This year we are only going to the bank to make withdrawals, hope you are faring better.

  4. Sounds like lots of fun. Love the mars bars with a knife and fork activity. 🙂

  5. What a great party! Super job getting the dream cake done. Happy birthday H10!
    BTW – those are some gorgeous (not city) skies.

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