Delayed Post #2: A new car and a camping trip

There have been times on our Geocaching trips that we have been unable to go where we wanted due to the road conditions. And while the Commodore has served us well and bone where many cars fear to tread, ACW was becoming increasingly frustrated about not being able to go “off road”.

Problem is, I don’t want to drive a 4WD. I don’t want to drive a truck!  We took a serious look at the Holden Adventra and a fleeting look at the Holden Captiva, but neither of them really had the features we wanted. ACW started looking seriously at other makes. This is a huge step. He is a Holden man. He has technically never owned any other type of car. (I on the other hand have owned a XA Falcon Ute, a Mini, a HZ Kingswood and a Sigma before becoming a true Holden convert.) 

Finally the decision was made to buy a Mitsubishi Outlander. It satisfies my preference for a station wagon while satisfying ACW’s need to be able to go offroad in 4WD mode. We took it camping last weekend and found ourselves using 4WD mode a few times to get us through both rocky and sandy terrain.

Our camping trip was made all the more interesting by the fact ACW forgot to pack our sleeping bags. The rocks that I chose to build our campfire surround with exploded when they got hot, and it rained.  But the kids had a ball and are perfectly happy to go again – so who am I to hold them back! This is what H9 had to say:

“In the holidays our family went camping.
First, we went to a campsite that my dad and uncle used to camp at and there was a tree that is possibly hundreds of years old. I wasn’t paying attention and I got hit in the face by a branch and it hurt a lot.
Next, we found a good campsite and decided to camp there. It took us 5 minutes to put up the 2 tents. Mum found some rocks for the base of the campfire and Connor found some sticks for the fire. Once we got the fire going mum made tea.
Then, Dad told us some campfire stories and we toasted marshmallows. When it started to rain we went into Mum and Dads tent and we made up our own stories. After Mum and Dad put us to bed and it was scary because the wind was howling and the tents were shaking and the rain was bucketing down.
In the morning we packed up and went home we spent the whole day travelling. Connor and I started to get tired and we both fell asleep in the car and when we woke up we had no idea that we had fallen asleep.”

When asked if he want to go again, C6 just says “Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!!” in a Scooby Doo voice. Looks like I’d better start planning our next trip.

One response to “Delayed Post #2: A new car and a camping trip

  1. Congratulations. I was always wary of getting a 4WD but I find them easier to drive than a 2WD and wouldn’t go back now for anything other than financial necessity (those 4WD’s are expensive in comparison).

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