SWF No.12 or Dave Benson flies the flag


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In April we travelled to Cummins in South Australia for an airshow. For much of the day, the skies were grey, but occasionally, the clouds would break up just a bit to let a bit of blue sky peek through. On of the highlights of the day was Dave Benson parachuting down with this massive Australian Flag attached to him. Dave is the world flag flying record holder. From memory, this flag was 100 feet x 50 feet.

17 responses to “SWF No.12 or Dave Benson flies the flag

  1. What a great picture! Nice of Mother Nature to cooperate.

  2. That’s a great show and beautiful sky and clouds.

  3. Excellent choice. Great captured 🙂 Thanks for joining SWF this week 🙂

  4. That’s an amazimg catch

  5. WOW! This is a real awesome shot. It appeared like the guy in parachute was standing at the tip of the flag. Great shot indeed. We don’t have that here

  6. That is awesome! The photo is amazing.

  7. That is an enormous flag! Amazing picture.

  8. What a fantastic pic of a very unique experience! Love this!

  9. this is so cool!

  10. What a perfect capture! Just beautiful.

  11. That’s impressive, both the stunt and the photograph. I think you Australians have an unfair advantage with your skies and scenery. 🙂

  12. how totally cool! Thanks for posting the pic 🙂

  13. That gives a whole new dimention to flying your own flag!

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