I rock. You rock. We totally rock!

Apparently I rock! According to my new BFF Kelley, I rock just because I read her blog. Cool!!


But the sneaky little wench wants to know other ways in which I rock. I can’t just say “I rock” and let it rest there.

Well I rock because I work 2 jobs (both of them shift work) with a total of 37 hours a week, and still manage to serve “heat and serve” meals cook and kick dirt under rug clean and move clothes from the floor to the washer to the dryer and back to the floor again do laundry. I also manage to be secretary of P&F, drag my offspring take the kids to sport and training, go out for drinks have quality time with other BFF’s, do a few shifts on the Australian Breastfeeding Association Helpline, run the local ABA meetings, AND have a weekly massage. Oh, and I write a blog.  And somewhere in there I am making a quilt and spending time with ACW (cos he needs me to!) And occasionally I sleep! Then of course we like to try and go geocaching in our spare time.

So not only do I rock, but I am totally awesome.



2 responses to “I rock. You rock. We totally rock!

  1. Yes indeed you do rock!! Yay!!!

  2. I concur. Awesomeness AND rockage babe.

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