SWF No. 11 or Not McNaught

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Early in 2007 we drove to the top of a nearby hill to see if we could get a photo of Comet McNaught in the setting sun. While we were waiting, I managed to get some nice sunset photos that included the planet Venus. I never did get a decent photo of McNaught – but it sure was pretty to watch.

Venus is the Roman (or Latin) name for the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, the godess of Love, Lust and Beauty. I have always thought that Aphrodite sounds much prettier than Venus, so I prefer to call the second planet from the sun by her Greek name.
Then I am suddenly singing in my head the Fastball song
“Cause she’s so high, high above me, she’s so lovely. She’s so high, like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc or Aphrodite”

Whenever I see Aphrodite in the sky, I am reminded of the beauty of nature.

43 responses to “SWF No. 11 or Not McNaught

  1. I like this view and your writing adds much interest to your post…. it makes for a great Sky Watch and I’m sure others will think so as well.

    ha! my you were quick here…. you caught me out testing the posting so do not worry if you return to Sky Watch and can not see the post and links… it will be posted again at 19.30 GMT.

  2. Serene and colorful. Very nice SWF photo!

  3. WOW! Absolutely stunning shot!~Mine is posted HERE too. Happy SWF!~

  4. Lovely sky, for sure. Happy Sky Watch!

  5. Waw! Great picture.

  6. Gnome: What a great color in your Sky at sunset.

  7. Beautiful sunset.

  8. Very vibrant and colorful sunset.

  9. Wow! Looks really peaceful. Awesome shot!

  10. A beautiful photo and I have to agree,Aphrodite is a much prettier name than Venus!

  11. beautiful photo

  12. Love the hues. Happy skywatching.

  13. Beautiful color!
    Enjoyed the commentary.

  14. A lovely skyline of very dramatic colors… Happy skywatching!

    Visiting from ViennaDaily.

  15. Beautiful colours!

  16. That sure is one beautiful sunset. Incredible photo!!!

  17. Yes, I prefer Aphrodite too and the picture is wonderful. Happy SWF.

  18. Beautiful sky glows!

  19. Fine picture. Like your thoughts about Aphrodite, a Greek goddess no less.

    Thanks from Crete, Greece


  20. It’s beautiful picture as well. The red color is fabulous.

  21. Wonderful purple and red sunset. Nice song too.

  22. Beautiful photo and as much beautiful words … Happy SWF!

  23. Very pretty – the sunset is stunning! Happy SWF

  24. Beautiful sunset!!

  25. That’s beautiful. I love the purple orange combination.
    Great photos! Really enjoy your site.
    Nina at Nature Remains

  26. Beautiful sunshine.
    Here, we see Venus on sunshine, too.

  27. Great memory. Great photo!

  28. What a fantastic photo! Great picture for skywatch!

  29. The colors in this are phenomenal! Great shot!

  30. Not only a beautiful orange and purple sunset, but the border of red really sets it off so well. Nicely done. Come see my Arizona sky tonight.

  31. Lovely glow of the sky! Love the colours.

  32. It’s a very beautiful sunset! I hope you saw the comet too!

  33. Beautiful sky and beautiful capture. I agree with you that Aphrodite sounds prettier than Venus.

  34. Very pretty evening sky.

  35. Gorgeous sky photo! I love the beautiful colors of the sunset. The pinks are lovely! Great SWF post!

  36. That is an incredible sky photo, just beautiful.

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