SWF No. 10 or Where’s the Bathroom? On the Right.

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“There’s a Bathroom on the Right” is one of the most famous mondegreens of all time. It is a misheard (and mis-sung) lyric from the Creedence Clearwater Revival song “Bad Moon Rising”. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the real line is “There’s a bad moon on the rise”.

I took this photo on Sunday evening from my back yard. I usually find it quite difficult to take half decent pictures of the moon with my little point and shoot Nikon camera. Half moons don’t provide enough light and full moons provide too much light and just appear as a bright dot in the sky. In this photo you can see the major seas and the Copernicus Crater. While taking the photo, I was singing the song “Bad Moon on the Rise”.

Later that night, we were woken by a loud bang that rocked our house and went outside to find our neighbours garage on fire. We called emergency services and helped the young mum get her young children out of the house.  The fire came very close (too close – within a few feet) of the LPG and oxygen cylinders stored at the business next door.  The bad moon had risen and was hanging almost directly above us when the fire truck arrived. The car and garage were totalled, but fortunately, everyone is safe and no-one was physically injured.

But I still can’t get that damn song out of my head.


8 responses to “SWF No. 10 or Where’s the Bathroom? On the Right.

  1. Amazing story to go with your beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing with Sky Watch Friday, it is always interesting to see what people share with us.

  2. What a story to go with the spooky image. It’s so nicely taken and is very pretty.

  3. Well, the moon is on the right in your photo, and it’s beautiful. Liked your exciting story, and glad no one was hurt.
    But now I’ll be singing that song all day – argh

  4. This is an awesome photo! Well done! I love mondegreens – many years ago I bought a book called “Excue me while I kiss this guy” full of them – it’s hilarious!

  5. awesome picture and I am so glad no one was hurt!I love that song… I love CCR

  6. Awesome photo….. scary story!

  7. very scary story and some good shots I cannot see the stars though. probably my eyes.

  8. Beautiful capture…& story!
    Happy Sky~Watching!

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